A balanced SEO strategy will consist of various components. From creating high-quality content to making up-to-date technical improvements – site administrators have to take various steps to achieve SEO perfection. Small businesses that don’t have too many resources may struggle to complete this process.

Thankfully, creating a well-balanced SEO strategy doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated process. There are many effective yet low-cost SEO packages that can instantly increase your website’s traffic and make it more user-friendly. Here are three ways to create a well-balanced SEO strategy in 2022 –

  1. Perform a Whole-Scale SEO Audit

To obtain SEO success, you will need various types of SEO services in Mumbai. But, what services does your website’s SEO strategy need the most? Discover what aspects of your company’s website need changing by conducting a whole-scale SEO audit. Use online site auditing tools (free or paid) to ensure –

  • Your website is optimized for featured snippets.
  • Your internal links are functional; also, fix all broken links and analyze your backlinks.
  • The website’s architecture needs to be flat and error-free.
  • The website should be optimized for UX signals.
  • Find and fix all indexing problems on the website.
  • Make sure there are no dead pages on your website.
  • Discover your website’s speed and try to improve it with your web design team.

Top SEO companies in Mumbai perform site audits for all of their clients. If your company has such a partnership, you don’t need to get third-party audits or assessments.

  1. Use Free Google Tools to Conduct Keyword Research

With tools like Google Trends, you can discover relevant keywords that your target audiences are frequently searching for, for free. Learn how to use this tool. Also, learn how to use other SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs. You’ll have to pay to get detailed insights from these tools. But, learning how to use them doesn’t cost much.

Once you get a ton of insights from Google Trends and other SEO tools, use the information to –

  • Discover “breakout” keywords that are gaining popularity the fastest before your competitors.
  • Discover local keywords. Use the keywords to optimize your web pages for local searches (local SEO).
  • Keep track of search volume trends.
  • Discover the most popular related keywords.
  • Track and compare search trends from different months.
  • Analyze your competitor’s website and SEO performances.
  1. Create a Separate SEO Strategy for Your ECommerce Store

If your business website sells products, create a separate eCommerce SEO strategy.

  • Make sure the online storefront is full of relevant keywords; include keyword-optimized images on this page as well.
  • Make sure the eCommerce section of your website loads properly on mobile phones.
  • The site architecture of your eCommerce store should be easy to understand.
  • Create unique product descriptions (featuring relevant keywords) for each product.
  • Maintain site security.

If carrying out these steps means undertaking high SEO charges, then so be it. Having a mobile-friendly and optimized eCommerce store is vital for modern-day companies. Use these simple and cost-efficient tricks to prepare your website for 2022 and beyond.