A cracked phone screen is a nuisance to people engrossed in presenting a good image. A damaged screen will portray you as clumsy. Fortunately, having a cracked screen isn’t the end of the world. You can repair it with the assistance of a trusted professional. Before visiting any repair store, back up your data. There is a possibility of losing it during the repairs. A slight mistake caused by the technician can cause irrecoverable damages. So, don’t take chances by ensuring your data is safe. Before dumping your broken phone, it is worth considering if an expert can restore it. Listed in this guide are damage assessment options for broken phone screens.

Minor Damage 

Screens with minor damage are mostly okay. Cautious persons can use this screen for a long time without any problem. Despite being superficial, slightly cracked screens can cause additional damage in the long run. That is because they allow entry of moisture and dust in the phone. Since you don’t need immediate iphone Screen Repair service, it is necessary to cover the cracks. You can achieve that by using a tempered glass screen protector. You can get a good protector that fits your phone for seven dollars. However, this is not a permanent solution.

Moderate Damage 

You won’t feel fortunate after breaking your iPhone screen. However, if the damage is moderate, you can still use the phone. In this case, the cracks are shallow, but they slightly affect the screen’s sensors. Continuous usage of the phone will increase the damages. So, it is advisable to cover the cracks with a quality glass protector as a temporary solution. Searching for quick iPhone 7 Screen Repair after the damage is an exceptional strategy to avoid irrecoverable malfunctions. It will retain your phone’s durability.

Significant Damage 

In this case, your phone will have additional problems apart from the broken or cracked screen. If the device’s fall was hard, it affected its hardware and touch sensors. It is challenging trying to operate a phone with significant damage. Its restoration will require a phone Screen Repair service. The demand for replacing the screen and its additional features is high. So, you won’t have a problem finding a suitable repair shop. Remember the manufacturer does not cover accidental damages on the phone’s warranty. You have to pay for the service. Fortunately, you can find reliable third-party repairers whose services are time-saving and affordable compared to manufacturers.

Major Damage 

When your phone has major damage, it won’t show any sign of life. You will be surprised if it survives the destruction. That is because both the screen and hardware components are compromised. However, do not write off the device before taking it to a professional. There might be the hope of restoring the phone to its original state. However, iPhone 7 Screen Repair for major damage is expensive. It might be sensible to buy a new phone. The phone technician will advise you on the best decision to make.