With more of the world moving towards the virtual realm, it only makes sense that businesses will start making a virtual presence to utilize the opportunity of expanding their business influence to a larger audience. 

As of 2021, 93% of American Adults used the internet. The growing surge of internet usage has a lot to do with how effective digital marketing has become over time. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

In simple terms, digital marketing encompasses a diverse range of marketing technologies and tactics that are used to approach consumers online. It also allows organizations to establish their brand identity and has thus revolutionized the marketing industry. 

Many veteran business experts have discussed that although digital marketing might seem like a relatively new concept, the reality is that many of the current marketing strategies are based on principles that are familiar to traditional marketers and require both technicality understanding and foundational marketing knowledge. 

The two disciplines serve to bring together distinct groups of consumers – as stated by Dr. Jessica Rogers, an associate dean of marketing programs. “Traditional media is a great way to reach a broad consumer base, whereas digital media has the ability to reach very specific audiences,” she says “The key point is that depending on the target audience, some channels are more effective than others.” 

The Role of a Digital Marketer 

Digital marketers are responsible for being in charge of driving their company’s awareness and lead generation via digital channels, whether paid or free, that are at the disposal of company. A few examples of these channels include social media, the company’s website, search engine rankings, email, display advertisements, and more. 

Digital marketers usually focus on various key performance indicators (KPI) for individuals channels so that they can properly measure the performance of the company across each one. For example, a digital marketer in charge of SEO can measure the organic traffic of their website. 

In various other small companies, one generalist might even own several digital marketing tactics, and in larger companies, these tactics can have multiple specialists that focus on just one or two of the brand’s digital channels. 

Moreover, digital marketing agencies also serve as a resource to provide a wide variety of marketing services that businesses usually do not have in-house expertise in. As such, these businesses have various goals, but their ultimate one is to ensure that your product reach increases and sales breakthrough. 

A prime example of such an establishment is none other than Nett Solutions – a popular American digital marketing agency that specializes in Search Engine Placement, Search Engine Optimization, remarketing, social media and display ads. 

They are a Google Premier Partner and serve as one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in the United States. Founded by Carl Hagmier in 2003, the company has already enhanced its expansion around the world and has offices in Minnesota, California, Alabama, London, Madrid, and many more. 

As such, they have vast knowledge about the core aspects of markets in Europe and the United States, making them the ideal establishment that can effectively cater to the needs of their clients.