The best indicator of real views versus fake views is the average view duration. Fake or bot accounts will only watch a few seconds of your video before clicking away, resulting in low view duration. Authentic viewers who are interested in your content will watch a high percentage of your video, leading to a higher average duration. Quality providers deliver views with an average duration of at least 30 seconds. Anything lower than 20-30 seconds is a red flag for fake views. Before buying, ask the provider what the average expected duration per view will be.

Check geographic distribution

Real people come from all over the world. If the views you buy come only from one country or region, that’s a sign of bot activity. Low-quality providers often rely on bot farms located in a single area.  For TikTok, a natural geographic distribution would include a mix of countries like the US, Turkey, Russia, India, Brazil, the UK, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and more. If the views are skewed heavily toward one or two countries, precede with caution check this link right here

Monitor drop off rate

The drop-off rate refers to how many views you lose after the initial delivery. Fake accounts are often deleted shortly after being generated. With real views, you expect to lose some over time as people uninstall the app. But the drop-off should not be drastic. A quality provider will disclose their expected drop-off rate. For example, a 10% drop-off rate within 30 days is reasonable for genuine views views immediately start plummeting by 50% or more that suggests bots that have already been deleted.

Assess natural follower growth

While views alone won’t directly get you followers, real viewers who enjoy your content will be more likely to follow you or like your videos. If you gain zero real followers from the views delivered, that’s a giveaway that they are not authentic. Quality providers understand this relationship between views and followers. Their views should result in at least some natural follower growth for your account. Fake views may get you vanity metrics, but no actual human supporters.

Review public engagement

Beyond just views, take a close look at public engagement metrics like shares, comments, and likes. Fake views generated to boost vanity metrics will have very low public engagement. However, real people who organically find your videos will comment, like, and share them if they find your content valuable.  While you can’t expect tons of comments and shares from each purchased view, quality providers will deliver views that occasionally engage at natural rates, leading to slow, steady growth for your public metrics. Lack of engagement points to fake bot accounts just inflating your views.

Analyze traffic sources

TikTok provides creators with analytics about traffic sources. If the views you paid for all come from the Suggested Users feed, that indicates fake bot activity. Authentic traffic comes from a diverse mix of sources like Hashtag Pages, Following Feed, FYP (For You Page), etc.  Quality view providers utilize multiple referral sources that mimic real user behavior. Fake bot services often rely solely on Suggested Users because it’s the easiest way to inflate views without actual human activity. Analyze your source breakdown before and after buying views.