In case your Internet provider is not providing the Internet equivalent for the amount you’re paying then it’s time to act on it as there are so many resources out there to find out where your error is any it can be trouble shooted by yourself for it. Let us discuss a few ways how we can sort this issue. Do visit: Rcn Speed test website

·      Restarting

A simple method to fix the slow speed Internet you are facing would be to restart your modem and router or to upgrade two mesh networks

·      Check Internet speed

One can check the Internet speed through various resources found on the net such as or Cloudflare or you can consult with your technician for checking Internet speed and getting offer advice when it comes to troubleshooting

·      Running speed test using Raspberry Pi

Another technical way to test speed you still run a speed test using Raspberry Pi and applaud the results to Google Drive for the user

Broadband guidelines

  • The Federal Communications Commission also known as FCC has published a set of guidelines for household broadband and its speed based on the number of devices connected to the same network.
  • Basic Internet speed ranges from 3 Mbps to 8 Mbps which will be suitable for one user or one device as such for casual usage of the Internet such as browsing sending emails making video calls streaming HD videos etc
  • 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps is required in situations where two or three users are connected to the network for medium to high usage of the internet which depends on the user’s activities.
  • Finally, the best speed best suited for four or five users would be 25 Mpbs suitable for medium to high usage of internet.

Running a speed test via wireless router

The internet connection’s speed will vary based on other factors. I suggest running multiple speed tests and tracking the results to gauge the speed of your internet connection. Router technology is just like the other technology we make use of. They often change which may lead to performance issues. A speed test can be initiated via a wireless router through any dedicated app serving the purpose. Apps such as Google’s Nest Wi-Fi, Google Assistant can provide us with the information required. Wireless router’s speed test may be more accurate because the router is connected directly to the user modem.

Action to be taken if the speed is slower than what you pay for

  • Turning off your modem and wireless router, leaving them off for about 30 seconds, and then turning them On
  • Calling your service provider and informing them about the issue your facing
  • Upgrade your devices
  • Upgrade your internet plans
  • The user can make use of a Raspberry Pi to run speed tests
  • Change the router if it seems to be old
  • Upgrade your devices

The above enlisted actions are very simple that any user can adapt to in the case of facing slow internet. These simple sources are made easy by having access to right from the beginning of making use of the internet.As usersit’s important to make use of the resources available at the right time and from the right platform.