Create an eBay account

  • To create an eBay account, go to the eBay UK (or any other country) site and click Sign Up in the top left corner. Go to the registration page.
  • You can then choose to create a professional account at the bottom of the page. Not only is this essential when running a business, but it offers many benefits. This ensures that you use a consistent business name and brand in all of your communications with buyers and that you see contact details and terms and conditions in all listings. You may also qualify for discounts on eBay business account fees and tax treaties.
  • You do not need to register as a limited liability company to create a business account. However, it is illegal for a UK business to pretend to be an individual to sell goods or services. If you’re unsure whether to register as a business, eBay’s help page has helpful instructions.

Create a new eBay account

To create a new account, click Register Business Account on the registration page.

You will then need to create a professional account. Here you can enter all the relevant information required to verify your registration, such as your company name, VAT identification number (if applicable), and your contact details. You will then also need to provide details of the bank account that accepts direct withdrawals as eBay charges merchant fees.

You don’t have to pay a fee to create an account, but eBay charges merchant fees at the end of the month. You can also choose from a variety of ways to receive money from customers, such as PayPal. If you are selling as a business on eBay, it is also important to understand the legal framework and legal obligations.

Add a new payment card to eBay

We’ve already added automatic payment methods during setup, but if you want to add or remove payment cards, you can do so in your merchant account.

To add a new payment method:

  1. Access the merchant account
  2. Find the merchant fee payment method and select the option to change the automatic payment method.
  3. You will now see a drop-down menu where you can select a payment method. Enter your information and click Save. If you linked eBay to Paypal, select Continue to redirect to Paypal.
  • Find the merchant fee payment method, then select Change automatic payment method.
  • Select your preferred payment method from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your information. If you’re paying directly with a debit or credit card, choose Save. For PayPal, select Continue.