INTENSO HC20000 Review – 3A compact powerbank ideal for UMPCs

By June 23, 2018


I was looking for a new compact power bank with 20000Mah capacity and 3Amp ability as I needed to power my UMPC (GPD Pocket) when being out of the office.


intenso hc 20000 serious techie 003

 As my UMPC has a 7000mAh battery, it is sufficient to provide 2 full charges.

(Keep in mind that when charging with a power bank nearly 30% of the total capacity is consumed by the charging process alone. This is caused by the loss of power from circuit heat and voltage conversion).



HC 20000 is one of the most compact power banks with 20000 mAh / 3A in the market. The dimensions are 136.2 x 71.2 x 28.9 mm and it weighs only 387 g.


intenso hc 20000 serious techie 2a



 Ports / Charging devices


It features 1 x Usb C (with dual functionality) for either charging the power bank or a device, 2 x USB 3 ports and a micro usb only for charging the power bank.

intenso hc 20000 serious techie

USB C and USB PORT 1 share 3A. That means that if you use them at the same time you get only 1.5A per port. For getting 3A you have to use only one of the ports and not both of them at the same time. USB 2 is a standard 2.4A port.

You can charge one device at 3A and one other device at 2.4A  at the same time or 2 devices at 1.5A and one at 2.4A  (5.4A in total)


 Charging the Power bank

This power bank supports fast charging by combining two chargers, one in USB C (2.4A input) and the second to the Micro USB (2.1A input) port for pumping in 4.5A in total. I have tried it a couple of times and it works as it should. It needs half or a third of the time in comparison to my other power banks to be fully charged.


 Verdict and final thoughts.
HC 20,000 is particularly useful on trips or outdoor activities. The 3A ability (that is not very common) combined to the compact design gives fantastic portability in comparison to other power banks with the same capacity.
 intenso hc 20000 serious techie 006

intenso hc 20000 serious techie specs

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