Are you interested for a device with a screen up to 10” paired with a fast APU ?

By July 18, 2018

After the announcement of the 10" Microsoft Surface Go tablet the first think that came to my mind is how versatile would be a device like this with full desktop OS and a more powerful intel or a Ryzen mobile/embedded version (for better GPU performance).

I know that some of you will ask “Who is in the need for such power in a smaller package?”.

My answer is pretty simple. The need in 2018 for a powerful portable device rises more and more every day as the need for performance in a smaller form factor device is very important for many people around the globe that ultra-portability is important and required to fit their lifestyles.

I am not strictly referring to business users but also to people that they use their devices both for work and entertainment. Especially entertainment is misunderstood today as it is not just focused on media consumption from services like Netflix and Amazon Prime but gaming too.

Smartphones are trying their best with gaming and productivity but let's face it down it will need a lot of years to overcome desktop OS experience in functionality and quality of the apps. The real proof is that people are trying to buy smaller devices from companies like GPD with their WIN and Pocket series UMPCs and 10" windows tablets are sold a lot from Chinese stores as there are no other alternatives with greater CPUs in terms of performance available at the specific screen size.

The complaints from people that need power in 10" max screen size is always the same. Why big players in the industry just avoid these devices?

That is a question that combines many factors and we need a lot of digital ink just to describe it. One or two that come to my mind is the cost of design and production. Cramming in a smaller chassis an 15w+ TDP APU is not an easy task and requires much effort and resources to achieve that and translates into more cost that is added to the final price of the device. Oh, and you have to forget passive cooling, as well.

Someone that will spend money to buy a small form factor device with a more powerful APU will need all the performance and that means active cooling. As a con active cooling except noise adds more thickness to the device but it is the only way to go if you need constant performance without thermal throttling.

10” is the sweet spot for a device like this as it has enough space to work out the thermals of higher performance APU and the screen size is adequate for having proper scaling for applications ( like 3d, cad, photo editing) in comparison to  devices with smaller screens like the 7" GPD Pocket.

In terms of portability for all people that had a 10" and a 12.5-13" device the difference is huge.

Unfortunately, big players are out of this game and those devices might come around only through crowd funding as for the moment are only targeted to specific users. 

Maybe it is time for companies like GPD to extent their product range and build a larger device (that will remain very portable) as is the only way to use a more powerful APU something that cannot be fitted easily due to thermal limitations in a 7" device.

Are you interested for a device with a screen up to 10” paired with a fast APU like Ryzen embedded paired with active cooling?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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