Is it worth buying a GPD Pocket 2 ?

By August 08, 2018

Win 2 was a real upgrade compared to Win 1 in all aspects (Screen, CPU, Storage, Keyboard etc). Pocket 2 is a mixed bag and a different story.

Design-wise regarding GPD they decided to trim the chassis of the device at the front to give the feeling that the device is slimmer. That is super cool as an idea but many of us would prefer to keep the thickness to add an SSD drive like WIN 2 (even a non-replaceable one). Pocket is not a cheap UMPC and no one intended to say that  would not pay more for a better specked device. I am mentioning this because it was used as an excuse by the manufacturers in order to justify the use of EMMc storage and that was the only way to cut costs down. It is not an excuse that is faster than POCKETs 1 storage device. An SSD is far faster.

The greatest guff was the lack of pointing device. GPD seems that it is not making in-depth designing and that can be proved once more by the last-minute addition of the optical mouse placed in an awkward place on the black stripe. That happened after all owners and friends of UMPC devices complained both on Facebook and on GPDs Discord channel. If your intent to use it as a little laptop like Pocket 1 you will be disappointed as you cannot use the mouse easily when placed on a table when doing actual work. As I had many UMPCs for years with their current choice of pointing device I can say from experience that it is not accurate like the thump stick in Pocket 1.

I am not so sure that the new keyboard layout is better than the previous layout and another con is that the keyboard remains not backlighted for a second time (that was a request from every one).

The decision to take out the micro HDMI port is a con for current users as now you need a new expensive USB C dongle that has HDMI out.


Closing Thoughts

As a Pocket 1 owner I will stick with my current device as Pocket 2 is not a major update with the exception of the CPU.

If you are new to the ultra-mobile pc territory and need desperately a 7” UMPC with the best CPU in the UMPC market go for it.  Alternatively buy a Pocket 1 that will become cheaper and cheaper after the release of Pocket 2.

I am not happy for their decisions in many aspects and I am not happy with it. As I am using the device in a professional environment I was assuming that it will be a real upgrade like WIN2.  Maybe I was expecting too much from GPD.

Do I recommend the device? Personally, I would wait for Pocket 3. I would prefer to spent my money this year on Surface GO LTE instead on Pocket 2. Who knows maybe next year GPD will ask more their customer base on how to go with Pocket 3 that it might be a real upgrade even for Pocket 2 owners.

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