GPD Pocket 2 Preview (updated)

By June 02, 2018

This is a quick preview based on leaked specs and images.

Pocket 2 is using like its predecessor a 7” touchscreen display with thinner bezels (on the left and right of the screen) while being slimmer at the front.


pocket 1 pocket 2 side by side

It features different port arrangement as HDMI out is missing and you need to use a USB Type-C adapter to connect the device with an external monitor or TV.  

Ports are placed on both sides of the device. It features a USB Type-C port (for charging, display out etc.), two USB 3.x Type-A ports, a headset jack and a nice addition is the microSD slot that we were missing from Pocket 1.


Pocket 2 vs Pocket 1 specs


Let’s focus now on the most important changes.

From the leaked photos we can understand that the keyboard was redesigned. The black stripe above the keyboard serves as a quick access panel that you can adjust brightness, volume and other functions. The decision of moving Caps Lock on the black stripe and Tab on top row is a bit weird.


Serious Techie Pocket keyboard comparison

Keyboard is not backlit and that is making it hard to work in dark places from my experience with Pocket 1.

There is a real turn-down with the pointing device. I have been a UMPC user for many years and this is the first time that I have seen a device without an integrated pointing device. For some people it is a deal breaker when performing specific tasks.  

Although Pocket 2 supports a capacitive pen but I can assure you that a pen is not offering the same feeling and functionality like a pointing device. It is not always easy just to pop up a Bluetooth mouse in tight spaces or  when you are performing a task while standing (like troubleshooting a network appliance in a server room).

Updated: 2018-06-09

After the negative feedback about the lack of mouse input GPD uploaded a layout to their discord channel with the proposed positions of an optical mouse sensor and physical L/R mouse buttons. The optical mouse sensor will be on the right side and mouse buttons will be located on the left side of the black stripe.


As I was using a Viliv N5 with a similar pointing device setup, it is not so bad in comparison of not having mouse input at all. You have to hold the device all the time and this somehow spoils the laptop experience of Pocket 1. Although that is not always bad. Sometimes is more convenient for example while lying in bed or when working while standing.

Viliv N5 keyboard



A fan is used as a cooling mechanism that exhausts hot air towards the screen instead of the right side like Pocket 1. Also there is a button that you can disable the fan with. It is obvious that if you run CPU intensive apps with the fan disabled  you will be experiencing throttling.

Pocket 2 vs Pocket 1 teandown

GPD is using Intel Core M3-7Y30 for Pocket 2. As we have seen it in GPD WIN 2, performance wise Pocket 2 will be faster than Pocket 1, especially in GPU performance that will be almost two times faster. 

Serious Techie CPU GPU


Closing thoughts.

This time I was hoping for two different versions of the device. One for the sub 500$ consumer market and one 750$+ version targeted to professionals with greater specs like SSD storage, larger battery and maybe a global LTE modem.



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