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By June 15, 2018


In this review we will examine how Epson L565 Multi-function printer (MFP) responds to the daily tasks not just in terms of cost but as a complete experience.



565L dimensions are 48.4cm x 22.6cm x 37.7cm and weighs 6.2kg.

Epson has the most compact ink tank multifunction printers in the market compared to the competition, especially with their newest Eco tank series. That is obvious as they evolved the technology that allowed them to scale down all the necessary parts in comparison to their competitors.

l565 03


At the front you will find the control panel that consists a 2.2-inch monochrome LCD screen combined with the keypad for setting and controlling the functions of the device. 


l565 04a


The feeder tray that has an adjustable clip to securely hold any type of paper is at the back side of the device as the connection ports that we will discuss later on.


l565 15 Feeder



The 565 L is an MFP system that can cover a small office or a home with great needs of printing volume.

It has onboard a scanner, works as a copier, fax (is rare to receive one these days but it is a good thing to have it for office use, just in case) and supports Wi-Fi direct.

Also supports  Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.


l565 14 Scanner




Ink tank technology was introduced by Epson a couple of years ago. This technology was a breakthrough as it changed the printing habits of many businesses and households all over the world.


l565 11


Epson is the leader of ink tank industry with the most mature products offering at the same time the greatest range of models in comparison to the competition.

In plain English Ink Tank technology uses 4 separate 70ml tanks for Black, Cyan, Magenta  and Yellow liquid ink.


l565 02 inktank


So why this is very important for cutting down printing cost?

It is very important because conventional printers are using cartridges. Cartridges have a great manufacturing cost and Ink Tank uses just simple plastic bottles. Virtually you are paying only for the paint as the bottles that contain the paint costs next to nothing.






At the back of the device you will find in the middle  the power socket and on the right side a USB port, two ports for telephony that you can attach your Line and a phone to it for fax operations and finally an Ethernet 10/100 port.


l565 05 Ports


The Ethernet port is very important not just for speed (in comparison to Wi-Fi) but for the stability that a wired connection offers combined with easier troubleshooting especially for office use.

In the wireless section supports both Wi-Fi direct for printing via mobile devices and Wi-Fi infrastructure mode for connecting it to your home/office network wireless.






This model has an intuitive interface but the small screen is not touch or color either. You can perform every operation easily without complicated and hidden features in sub menus. In general you do not need to be a tech expert to change settings like paper size or scaling the print out while photocopying.


l565 07 lcd screen





I downloaded the Epson iPrint client on my smartphones. The majority of mobile printing clients in general are limited in image manipulation but Epson’s is very intuitive and easy to operate.    The only functionality that it lacks is that you cannot scale down large pictures by touch. You need to use another mobile app to make them smaller and then print them again.

You can print from every mobile application that has a sharing button and then choosing Epson’s application.


l565 16 Feeder





In terms of speed, printing is fast enough in normal quality settings. Printing in photo paper pictures that are scaled up to fit all page using higher quality settings has as a result the decline of printing speed. It is not extremely slow but in comparison to a color laser printer it is. Epson official numbers are 33 pages per minute for black and white documents and 15 for color.

In terms of quality printing everyday documents for work  or business is fine but if you need to print pictures or graphics with an almost laser feel  you have to use  photo paper. It is not expensive to have photo paper this days but you have to use it, as plain paper absorbs liquid ink and makes it a bit washed out in comparison to a laser printed one.

I want to clarify in that point that the quality of Epson as an inject printer is fantastic and the same problems using plain paper applies to every printer that uses inkjet technology, not just this particular one.





As I mentioned earlier, cost is one of the most important factors that effects printing habits in both business or home use.

565L comes with five 70ml ink bottles. Three color (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) and two Black. That is a good startup retail package as if you are not a frequent user they can last for more than a year.


l565 09


The consumables are very cheap. Here in Europe it costs just 5€ per 70cl bottle and this means that with just 20€ you can print thousands of pages. If you divide the costs of ink and paper the average cost is extremely low even if you print on a photo paper as ink costs virtually nothing in comparison to other printing methods.

Epson claimed that with one bottle of Black ink you can print 4000 pages and every color bottle can print up to 7500 pages.

Let’s do the math. In reality is not calculated like this as many other factors must be taken into account, but for the sake of this review let’s keep it simple.

To print 7500 pages in black and white you need 132ml and you need almost two Black color bottles and a set of CYM. In total 5 bottles with a cost of 25€.

Making the calculations gives a cost of 0.0033 per page which is super low. Per 1000 pages you need just 3,33€. If we consider the average cost of 0.007 per page for normal 80 mg A4 paper we are discussing for a total cost of 10.33€ per 1000 color pages and that is fantastic.

This is the cheapest way of printing tons of paper documents every year that is available in the market as all other solutions are way more expensive.

I should mention that the consumables of Epson are the cheapest in the market because they are widely available and more popular in comparison to other brands.




I would like to mention at that point the amazing packaging of the product.


l565 10






In the long run there are not many hardware issues as I know a lot of businesses and home offices that are printing tons of paper every year with Epson Ink Tank printers.

One very important thing that you will have always need to remember is that you should not leave the ink tanks dry out and that rule applies to every ink tank printer from every manufacturer. There are marks that show the minimum amount that its tank must be filled.   If you avoid that it might suck air and you will have to send it for servicing.

Also for first timers after filling  the tanks for the first time you  need  to keep pressed the OK button for five seconds to begin the initialization of the printer. That procedure takes up to 20 minutes and calibrates the ink flow in the transfer tubes for the first time. It is very important not to interrupt it. Do not worry it will run only once and it is worth the wait.

Till now I know a lot of Epson Ink Tank frequent users but I do not know if any problems will occur if the printer will not be used for a long period of time as it is known that inkjet printers dry outs the ink in the printing head.




l565 08


L565 has it all. Is the ideal MFP that features low-cost printing, scanning, copying and faxing with a good connectivity via Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

The cost of ownership is the lowest in the market but the initial buying cost (290 €) is hefty in comparison to similar MFPs that using conventional printing cartridges.

The best way to describe my thoughts is that “you will pay hundreds of € initially, when buying the printer, but it will save you thousands in consumables in the long run”.


 l565 06 Specs


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