Volunteers are considered extremely important for NPOs. According to a study, the value of volunteerism has been on the rise for several decades now and is expected to increase even more in the coming years, especially with the demand for skill-based volunteers at an all-time high. 

Volunteers help NPOs by increasing their impact and advocating for the cause, by getting donations and thus, saving money. This makes volunteers quite essential for NPOs, which is why these organizations invest in different strategies to improve their volunteer experience. Volunteer management technology is one such significant strategy that helps enhance the experience of volunteers in several ways. 

Let us take a look at a few features that make volunteer management technology efficient and sought-after. 

  • The database

Database forms an important structure of essential information of the volunteers. Organizations are always in search of a system that offers centralized database, which can offer the following: 

  • Easy access to opportunities posted by organizations
  • Protection of volunteer data
  • Live data tracking

Thus, important information about the volunteers such as their name, address, contact numbers, volunteer preferences and activity logs are kept safe by investing in software that offers a strong database. 

  • Communication feature

An efficient communication feature is an essential part of a system. When looking for a volunteer management software, one must consider this feature as it helps manage the volunteers and at the same time, helps them reach the supporters on time. 

So, while choosing a volunteer management technology or software, look for features like email blast, wherein you can reach a large target audience; text messaging, wherein you can solicit large donations for the organization; and automated notifications, to keep the volunteers posted.

  • Volunteer time tracking

Record keeping, undoubtedly, is the most significant part of volunteer management. Without proper record, management becomes extremely tough. So, when looking for volunteer management technology, organizations must invest in software that offers multiple tracking tools to collect data. Features such as: 

  • web-based hours log: for volunteers to record their hours and get assigned to work accordingly.
  • QR codes: for a contactless record keeping.
  • Applications: for easy access to work and marking attendance via mobile applications.

With an ever-growing demand of consumers, technology is bound to advance and organizations must invest in the newest forms of technology for better and efficient administration. In this regard, Vome Volunteer management solutions offer advanced features to enhance volunteer management and experience.