A keyboard with a 65 percent interface has phonetic keys, modifiers, and navigational keys however no Numpad or Function row. These keyboards are the ideal compromise between small keyboards 60 percent and full-sized keyboards 100 percent. In other terms, they balance the functional-compact divide. Check out the best 65 percent keyboard.

The 65 percent keypad requires less space and is frequently matched to laptop keyboard sizes. They offer a more precise and constant feel because they are often mechanical.

This sleek design has surged in popularity in recent years, owing to its attractive appearance on a computer desk and suitability for mobile work.

The greatest 65 percent of the keypad are listed here, depending on aesthetics, precision, and operating quality.

Drop ALT Mechanical Keyboard

There seems to be a whole of 67 keys on the keyboard. QMK firmware allows you to program individual keys, allowing you to add macros or customized keybinds to them.

The RGB backlighting and underlighting on the board are also fully configurable. Every key may be customized with millions of colors and illuminated with a colorful series of pulses.

Fnatic Streak65

For quicker typing, the keypad has linear, super-duper switches with a 1 mm actuation distance and reduced overall travel.

The pre-lubricated custom-molded stabilizer reduces rattle and irregularity while also enhancing keyboard dynamics.

ASUS ROG Falchion

Falchion has an RF-only wireless USB connection, unlike other expensive great gaming keyboards that use Bluetooth. It provides dual-mode communication via wired USB as well as one nanosecond 2.4 GHz RF. The keypad is well-made, with minimal latency and RGB lights that can be customized.

RK Royal Kludge RK68

When the backlight is turned off, the 1450mAh battery lasts for 15 hours. It could be powered up in 4 hours thanks to a Fast charging power connector in the center of the keyboard’s rear portion.

The fact that you can easily change the RK68 stock keycaps with other types, like PBT keycaps, is maybe the nicest feature of the board.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed

It features cutting-edge wireless technology for ultra-responsive inputs and low-latency gaming. Even in the most data-saturated, noisiest circumstances, the remarkable productivity is improved via ultra-fast radio waves, improved data protocol, and smooth frequency changeover.

LTC NB681 Nimbleback

The LTC NB681 Nimbleback is a compact keyboard with 68 keys. It is equipped with a useful arrow, controller, and navigational keys, as well as a, hot-swap PCB that allows you to freely replace 3 or 5-pin switches.

Durgod Hades 68

The DURDOD Hera Complier program allows you to modify the keyboard to your liking. Each key can be remapped, and up to four layers of keys can be supported.

You can choose from 12 pre-programmed backlight modes or design your own from 16.8 million color possibilities.


Snpurdiri is a mechanical-feeling plasma keypad. It’s simple to use and works with PCs, Macs, PlayStations, and Xboxes. Simply plug in using the USB Type-C connection, which provides robust and high-speed internet connectivity.

Ducky X Varmilo

The keyboard’s physical quality is very good. The board feels like a brick and provides a superb typing experience, thanks to its robust plastic chassis, firm keys, and little flex. It also has a slightly sloped side profile, which aids in typing ergonomics and simplicity of usage.

RK Royal Kludge RK68

With a compact, ergonomic design, the Keychron K6 optimizes your workstation while providing access to function buttons and crucial multimedia keys. It comes with macOS and Windows keycaps, and you can hot-swap each button to modify one’s user experience.

Leopold FC660M

The Leopold FC660M mechanical keyboard has a good appearance and a few desirable characteristics such as a strong structure, Cherry MX switches, and PBT keycaps. The brick-shaped case is manufactured of high-quality plastic and has a modest typing tilt. When twisted, it makes no strange squeaking sounds. There are two rubber feet on the back of the keyboard to keep it from slipping.

Varmilo VA68M

Cherry MX switches provide tactile feedback but without the noise of a clicky switch on the keyboard. At the bottom, there are four robust rubber pads and two rubber feet. This provides more steadiness and avoids your hands from becoming exhausted.

Ducky One 2 SF

The board contains a complete RGB lighting with keys that are individually illuminated. Furthermore, each key can be programmed with macros. Notwithstanding the board’s modest size, the keys are not claustrophobic that provide an excellent user experience.