Establishing Minecraft servers is an amazing way to play the game with your family and friends. Yet, it can be quite complicated, so it’s important to know the appropriate steps. Many want to play Minecraft all alone, yet sharing the experience with friends is a lot better. That’s why a lot of players choose to join other communities or servers. Wherein they can share their passion. For survival, building, or custom games that pit competitive individuals against each other, like bed wars.

If you wanted to build a cPanel server management, yet were confused with the terminology or file modification, worry nothing. Creating your server is a fairly simple journey, given you follow properly the vital commands and steps. Also, having your friends link with the said server is another different process.

Why create your Minecraft server?

Creating your Minecraft server, you can change the game in various ways you usually could not. For example, you can deny or assign the roles to other players. Also, you can tweak the in-game physics, or manage how objects spawn. There are challenges and strengths with both approaches. Once hosting your Minecraft server, you can save money by not paying for a web hosting service. Also, you have complete server control.

Yet, it affects directly other people who connect with your server once you have a poor quality of your internet. Having a poor connection can lead to a lag-filled gameplay experience.

Check out the best Minecraft servers 2002

One thing to remember is that different servers sometimes prefer older versions of Minecraft. Many have updated to the recent 1.18 patch, yet a lot of well-known servers are sticking to the older versions of the game. Below are some of the best Minecraft servers for 2022.

  • Brawl

One of the great Minecraft servers that you can consider is Brawl if you are a Minecraft player that misses the shooty thrills of Call of Duty. Brawl is packed with hours of action and fun.

  • Minescape

RuneScape fans can now encounter leveling their skills to 99 in Minecraft on this thorough-built Minecraft RPG server. It is designed to feel and look like one of the best free MMOs. Minescape has been influenced by both RS3 and OSRS, so players of both must feel right at home.

  • Mineplex

Mineplex is the biggest Minecraft server that contains many zones and arenas for plenty of game types. Mineplex is occupied by thousands of players. Mineplex feels like a studio-made MMO, it has magnificent detail making it one of the best Minecraft servers. You can make Mineplex your only destination and still be part of two-thirds of the experiences on the list. Mineplex is also an ideal to play Minekart, with recreated power-ups, tracks, and karting without real karts. Minekart is a reviving change from the usual violent or heavy types of games.

  • PirateCraft

Sail, build, and loot in PirateCraft, a server committed to the golden age of theft and scurvy. One of the progressing servers is PirateCraft. Ships can be made and sailed across the seas.