After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more people began to choose to work from home, and the trend has stuck. Not only does it save time and gas, but it also gives you a lot more flexibility. While there are many benefits, there are also some disadvantages that some might see. Keeping up with customers or colleagues may feel a little bit more challenging. How do you remember to return calls? You are one person, after all.

Thankfully there are services that provide how to solve this dilemma. Clarity Voice, for instance, offers a VoIP phone system to help all types of fields, including a system for those working remotely.

VoIP, or voice-over-internet protocol, is a type of technology that lets you make phone calls using the internet. Popular with businesses, this type of system saves on installation and costs from your phone company. All you need is a proper internet connection, and you are good to go.

Clarity Voice’s Work-From-Home Features

Because we customize our services to fit the needs of each industry, some of the main components that we give our remote clients include the following.

Call Recording

There are going to be those days when you are on the road, but you still need to answer your customers’ calls immediately. Instead of stopping what you are doing, our systems will record the conversation you have so that you can play it back later to take down any important notes.

No Phone Congestion

Sometimes you may have multiple people calling you at once, and that can be hard to keep up with. For some, this might mean that some clients go unanswered, which can hurt sales. With Clarity Voice, calls are put on hold in order of needs and when they were received. You will be able to transfer from one call to the next in no time.

Scheduling Made Easier

Appointments can be hard to keep track of for both the customer and the business. With our services, this is no longer a problem. We can help you send out alerts and updates through your business number. This also helps to keep your own personal number safe! Even when using your cell phone on the road, clients will still be getting messages from the business number.

HD Voice

When working from home, you never know what to expect from your surroundings. Maybe you have kids that get riled up, or you have a very vocal pet. You don’t want these noises to distract your customers. With Clarity Voice, our systems lower the background noise to keep your own voice clear as day. Our name is Clarity Voice for a reason!

What Products Does Clarity Voice Offer?

Along with our services, we offer various types of phones that you can use for your VoIP system. For some, a desk phone might be the easiest to use, while other more on-the-go types might require the use of a mobile phone. We also offer different types of headsets, which might be beneficial for remote workers that have bustling families in the background!

Working from home is a blessing for many, so keeping it smooth sailing in all aspects can make it even better. With the use of Clarity Voice, you will never have to struggle with phone calls again, and you will continue to see satisfied customers.