TikTok is one of the most popular apps for kids and teens, more so than for adults. The internet can be a great place to make new friends, share passions and take small daily steps. It is often used by young people to communicate with their friends, but is TikTok content safe and legal? Unfortunately not – TikTok, like any other web application, is potentially dangerous for underage users.

TikTok:  soon to surpass Facebook and Instagram in popularity

How old do I have to be to use TikTok?

The terms of use provide clear information.

TikTok is intended for children aged 13 and over.

In theory, children under 13 should not have an account. In practice, there are no restrictions. If child has an access to a phone and wireless or fibre broadband then they are only one step away from using TikTok. Adequate checks can be made even if a child overestimates his or her age and gives a different date of birth.

The age limit is questionable. Many 11 year olds are far more aware of the dangers than many 15 year olds.

Are you sure your child doesn’t have TikTok

The issue of ignorance is also worth mentioning. Many parents are completely unaware of the apps their children use on a daily basis. It therefore makes no sense to assume that parents are responsible for their children’s online safety.

TikTok’s rules are strictly enforced by moderators.

If underage users are detected, their accounts are closed. However, this is a very difficult task and one should not expect a quick response from the administration.

Is tikTok safe for children?

Why is TikTok dangerous for children?

There are several reasons why children’s safety on the Internet is encouraged. Some of the reasons are obvious.

Inappropriate content, child pornography and violence can be found on all social networks.

This is just part of the dark side of TikTok.

Dangerous connections.

Even if the link is not a video or photo, it can lead to a suspicious site.

A dangerous challenge.

The app  is best known for its challenges, which started innocently enough with singing and dancing. Gradually, the challenges began to change. New, more complex tasks appeared, some of them truly dangerous.

In Italy, a young woman attempting this challenge attracted media attention when she fainted and fell to her death. The “game” consisted of choking herself to unconsciousness. Sadly, the consequences were tragic.

TikTok child locks

The above example highlights the importance of child locks on TikTok. Child locks are available in the TikTok app. It should be said that the child locks are well thought out to increase safety for children using TikTok.

How do child locks work on TikTok? You can find more information in the article.

TikTok parental controls: how to activate them.

Many parents ask: How can I keep my child safe online? How can I protect my child? How can I protect my child? Some of these solutions may work, but they are only half as effective. Children are attracted to things that are forbidden.

The most effective protection is awareness and discussion.

This doesn’t just apply to young children, who have just got their first mobile phone and may be particularly vulnerable. Even teenagers need to be careful when using technology. If you are looking for additional help with your applications, you can contact Atlantek Broadband through phone or email.