What Is A Turntable?

The turntable is the main component of a phonograph, and it is that part of your player that holds all the recording and helps in spinning. You can get Audio Technica’s turntable, similar to a record player. The only difference is that it doesn’t have an amplifier or an in-built speaker. A turntable has limited components, and you need to buy an amplifier and an in-built speaker and connect it with an RCA cable.

What Is A Phonograph?

A phonograph is a complete solution that includes all the essential components that make it able to play music. No external component is needed for its functioning. The phonograph has an in-built speaker, amplifier, and another basic unit for playing music.

Let’s understand the difference between a turntable and a phonograph.

  • Inbuilt Quality

The turntable comes in good quality, and all the components the turntable contains comes in high quality. As it is a high-quality product, its life is long and durable.

The modern phonograph has low quality. To cut the cost of production, the low quality of the product used for building results in poor quality. The turntable also comes with different quality, but overall the quality of the turntable is better than the phonograph.

  • Cost

The turntable comes in different quality that affects its cost. But mainly, turntables cost you more money because of their built-in high quality. You also have to pay an additional amount for its components in the future. Still, it’s worth it because of the quality and functions. In the turntable case, you need to pay for speakers and amplifiers for the upgrade version in the future. All this affects the turntable highly.

Phonographs relatively cost you less than the turntable, and the quality and durability of phonographs are less and less. You need to spend less money on buying phonographs. In phonographs, you also don’t need to spend for an external component in the future, which also saves your money.

  • Sound Quality

In case of sound quality, the turntable can produce good quality sound. You can choose the external component that will give you better sound quality. As you choose to select the external component, it also offers you flexibility and convenience.

When you consider phonograph, you have a minimal option as you have no choice of external components. Whatever comes in the box, you have to accept, and you have no option to change or use an external component according to your need.


Hence turntable is always a better option when you compare it with a phonograph in terms of quality, durability, cost, and sound quality.