Mixed-use spaces are becoming more popular as developers look for ways to maximise the use of available land. While there are many benefits to using wire mesh fencing in mixed-use developments, the biggest may be its ability to help create an efficient and safe environment for everyone.

When it comes to designing and constructing a mixed-use space, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what type of fencing to use. Many people assume that wire mesh fencing is only for commercial or industrial properties, but there are many benefits to using it in residential areas too.

Metal mesh in Singapore has become a staple in various types of mixed-use spaces, such as commercial centres, open ground areas, and even in residential communities. This is because of the following reasons:

1. Durability.

The durability of mesh fencing makes it an excellent choice for outdoor areas that are subject to harsh conditions like hot or cold weather. It can withstand rains without showing any wear and still look good at the end, unlike other materials might do after being exposed for just one day.

Durable fencing is required in mixed-use areas, especially open ground spaces. Open-field properties, when partitioned properly, can be used for different activities simultaneously without disturbing each other. With mesh fencing in place, one part of the area can be used for commercial activities while the other side can be intended for a private event.

2. Enables visibility.

The twin mesh fences that extend along your property’s boundaries are rather transparent and ensure security personnel can easily monitor what goes on without any visibility issues. This proves to be a positive aspect for many owners who want their properties visible enough for onsite monitoring especially when they don’t have surveillance cameras installed yet.

Being able to look at the mixed-use space from a distance is important especially when the area is supposed to be closed. Even from afar, you can see whether unauthorised entry is taking place and do the necessary actions to address the issue right away.

3. Adds to the property’s aesthetic value.

Another reason metal mesh in Singapore is popular for mixed-use spaces is because it helps make the area more visually appealing. Since these areas are used for different functions at the same time, the fences not only create partitions, but give each of the section areas look distinct from one another.

The mesh fencing is a beautiful and captivating option for individuals who want to add an aesthetic appeal on their property. Not only does it offer privacy, but its surface also reflects light in such a way that makes this type of fence ideal when looking at night time or during sunny days since there will always be something shining through.

4. Easy to install and dismantle.

Welded mesh fencing is a great choice for many uses because it can be installed quickly and easily. It’s also very versatile, making this type of barrier appropriate in situations where you need security fencing but might not have enough space or time on your hands.