Despite the abundance of alternatives available, looking for a gaming keyboard doesn’t need to be a difficult endeavor. When buying a keyboard designed for gaming, there are a few significant things to take into account, such as the latencies, switch patterns, and general comfort and sensation. You should perhaps take into account any other features you would like, like media controls, RGB backlighting, or software customization choices, to assist make your gameplay experience as enjoyable and seamless as you would like. Our suggestions skew more toward mechanical keyboards because, in general, gamers like them because they typically provide more functionality, higher durable construction, and an improved typing experience. Visit Clicky Club for more information.

Corsair K100 RGB

The Corsair K100 RGB is the only option if you’re seeking the finest of the best. To enhance your gaming performance, this gaming powerhouse is packed with extra capabilities both in terms of software and hardware components. Gaming seems tremendously precise with single millisecond responsiveness and no discernible delay. Additionally, you have an option of Cherry MX Speed or Corsair’s OPX switches with this keyboard, neither of which features a short pre-travel time as well as a feather-light initiation force, making keypresses delicate and seamless and ensuring that your keyboard registers a keypress as you respond.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is a fantastic gameplay model. The Corsair K100 RGB keyboard boasts 44 RGB zones, and specialized macro keys, that also included PBT keycaps; this keypad, however, features advanced OmniPoint switching that lets you customize the pre-travel distance per key. It means that while the rest of your keys can be set to a more conventional pre-travel distance for typing without bothering about mistakes, the WASD keys can be set to a very small pre-travel range for an especially sensitive gameplay experience.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro offers Bluetooth communication in contrast to the preceding two options, which are wired-only boards. Sure, this sacrifices features like enjoyable companion applications or configurable pre-travel distances, but if you want to get rid of any extra wires, it’s certainly worth it. This keyboard is certainly the quickest Bluetooth keyboard we’ve evaluated and is among the most responsive keyboards overall, with latency with its USB receiver of less than a millisecond.

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Unless you’re on a tight budget, we suggest the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition because sometimes the best and brightest is a touch more expensive than our wallets will afford. This keyboard has a TenKeyLess layout, which does away with the Numpad but leaves the keyboard shortcut and all of the navigational buttons in place. It makes a little more room on your desktop for the mouse or that piece of paper with all the cheat codes and other tips. Despite being an earlier version, it still delivers exceptional performance that rivals some of Razer’s most recent products. The Logitech G413 is a good choice for a cheap gaming board if you prefer to have something more basic with limited functionality and a lower price. If you’ve never bought a gaming keypad before and don’t worry much about ensuring adequate RGB lighting and perhaps other bells and whistles, this older version is a pretty good starting point.