If scorching nights and days without a central air conditioning system threaten your comfort, please put a unit on the window. Installing a window AC is within the capacities of almost all the DIY-ers. Mentioned below are a few dos and don’ts to get the job done swiftly and safely.

To Evaluate the Windows

The highly trained contractors performing air conditioner repair services said not all windows are suitable for an AC. All the modern-day appliances are manufactured for double-hung windows, meaning there should be a fixed pane upwards and a lower pane that slides down and up. The sliding windows that move from one side to another and the casement windows that shift outwards are not ideal for the ACs.

Do Not Forget to Measure the AC’s Tilt

Most window ACs need a little tilt away from your building for keeping the condensation inside the drip pan rather than accumulating down the wall. The tilt must not be more than half an inch. Still check the installation manual for recommendations. Some new units do not need a tilt because the manufacturer will install the drip pan at a slighter angle.

Do Select Proper Power

To purchase the right system, you must check out the two numbers on the AC packaging- BTU or British Thermal Unit and EER or Energy Efficiency Rating. They measure the AC’s cooling capability. EERs tend to range from 8 to 12. If the number is high, the AC is considered energy efficient. The more spacious the room, the more the BTU is needed to cool it.

Do Not Leave the Flaps Loose

According to an electrician, extend accordion panels on the side until they touch the side of window frames. Use the screws that come along with your AC to secure the panels. Use a power drill or screwdriver for the work.

Do Install Gasket and Window Bracket

Take help from a professional to hold the window AC in place and install the L-shaped brackets for a safety measure. One side of the bracket must screw into the lowest edge of the windowpane, and the other should go into the window frame. This will prevent the unit from falling off suddenly.

Do Attach Side Panels and Mounting Rails

Attach the mounting rails and side panels so that the air conditioner remains secure under all circumstances. If your unit does not come with these tools, please make sure to purchase them separately or ask for the best repair service from experts.

Keeping the dos and don’ts stated above will help you install a window AC without any hassle. If you cannot understand the components or if the calculations seem challenging, you must seek third party assistance. Contact the most qualified electrician in your locality.