Some videos and photos from social media such as Instagram are worth saving. So here are the steps. Also visit: save insta website

First, from your Instagram account, click on your avatar icon and go to settings, then privacy and security. Then click on the option ‘download data’. Then, you will get a notification stating, ‘Get a copy of your Information.’You can either download it in an HTML format or get it as a JSON data file from your desktop. Select one and go to ‘Next.’ Reenter the Instagram password and click on ‘Request Download’ to download the Instagram content.

The option is not available if you are downloading on mobile. Sometimes, the link is sent within 48 hours with a warning that it will only be available for four days maximum since the link contains personal information.

Because of security concerns and privacy rules, downloading photos and videos from Instagram are not easy. It is not simple as long-pressing on a posted pic, where you will get the save option or even right-click on it to save on the desktop browser.

So in such cases, the only way to download photos and videos from Instagram is by using a third-party app.   The best and most versatile tool is the Toolzu app in cases like this.

ABOUT TOOLZU APP: It is an ad-supported tool, but it allows downloading the required person’s profile pic, videos, photos, and even the videos put up on Instagram Video. This app, however, cannot help in downloading Reels, that is, the Instagram version of Tiktok clips. For that, the process is entirely different. You need to get the exact URL of the photo or video you want to download. This tool works on mobile devices as well. Using the Profile downloader function on this app, you need to enter the actual Instagram user name. It will bring up the last 12 posts, photos as JPEG and MP4 for videos.   For older videos and photos, you need to get the URL. This is, however, easier said than done. Usually,the option ‘copy link address’ comes just by right-clicking. However, this optionis not supported here. For example, in stories, the user needs to pause the video first and then copy the URL in the address bar when doing so from a desktop browser. However, as the video story plays from the mobile, click on the 3-dot menu and then select the copy link feature.

There are other desktop tools such as the 4K Video Downloader. This works best for YouTube downloads. There is another multi-lingual website helper named iGram, which supports downloading Reels. Regrettably, it does not match up to Toolzu.


While theoption to download photos and videos from Instagram is stated in good faith,please note that it is best to use these tools with discretion to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law. It is not advisable to download someone else’s videos due to revenue-earning reasons.