Virtual and augmented reality tools are being used by brands today to give better product visualisation. Studies have shown that there is a tremendous increase in the sale of products that use these emerging technologies for marketing and sales. 

There are companies like Upreal that can help create augmented reality software tools for your business. But, before deciding whether you should incorporate augmented or virtual reality tools in your app or website, you have to know them better. 

Let us start by understanding what exactly these two emerging technologies are. 

What is virtual reality, and how is it different from augmented reality?

Virtual reality is a scenario where your surroundings are changed, and you will be able to experience them with the help of a VR headset. 

You have to wear the headset and witness your surroundings transform into computer-generated scenarios. 

Augmented reality is not as immersive as virtual reality. It overlays sensory information onto your reality with the help of an electronic device. You do not need any headsets to experience augmented reality. 

How are they helpful in marketing and sales?

Product visualisation is possible with virtual and augmented reality tools. For instance, suppose you want to buy some products from an e-commerce website. The augmented reality function can help you see a 3D image of the product and have a better look at it.  

It will increase the chance of you buying the product because you are less apprehensive of how it will be in reality. 

Some other popular features like virtual try-on and product walk-throughs can make customers or business clients more comfortable with the idea or product that you are pitching. Similarly, the return rates of the product sold online will also be significantly low. 

How to get these technologies into your system?

Augmented reality does not require a VR headset to experience it. For the same reason, AR-enabled apps, websites, etc., are becoming quite popular. 

Approximately there are 1.5 billion AR ready devices, with two in five mobile phone users having the technology. 

Web-based and app-based AR is becoming quite common. Some brands also have AR kiosks that can give a more immersive experience. 

Final Takeaways 

If you are interested in taking your business or e-commerce to the next level, you can look for options to incorporate these technologies into your product. 

You can contact companies that provide these AR and VR enabling services and bring them on the project. So, go ahead and offer your customers the next-level user experience.