The people who use Pinterest are aesthetic enthusiasts who enjoy exploring and showcasing their creativity. Everyone has the urge to download, but we usually end up taking screenshots or screen captures, and the quality of the video image isn’t what we expected because Pinterest doesn’t have an internal feature to do so. Without compromising quality, you can download Pinterest’s images and videos to third-party websites where you can see them whenever and wherever you want. Also see: pinterest video downloader

Don’t worry, here is a simple tutorial on how to download photos and videos from Pinterest onto mobile devices (iPhone, Android), as well as laptops, desktops, iPads, and other devices.

Pinterest video pins

Video pins convey the information through the format of audio and visual elements, videos pins can allow videos for up to 15 mins so that you will be able to convey your story efficiently.

In video pins, you can upload your ad to create awareness of your brand but there is a con, 85% of Facebook users don’t turn on their video while watching videos so this can happen on any digital platform so try to portray more ads through catchy headings, catchy captions, catchy and colorful images, etc.

How to save video pins?

Video pins as I have mentioned can be up to 15 mins long video clips.

Here is a guide to saving video pins.

Option 1 – Wherever the post is on your screen, you can touch and hold it to select “Save” from the menu that appears.

Option 2 – On your phone, simply tap the screen and press the red “Save” button to access the post.

Guide to downloading Pinterest videos on your phone

As I mentioned in the introduction, people who are in search of aesthetic content are into Pinterest because Pinterest is a platform where you can go inside without ideas and come out with multiple creative methods or designs just from one trend.

Pinterest is a wide platform with a range of multiple ideas sometimes some images or videos hold a special place in your mind so you want to download that but unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t have download options so

Here is a guide on how to download videos.

  1. To read the post, you must first log into your account. You may find some intriguing posts that capture your site that you want to download to preserve the video, so first, choose the video.
  1. You will be able to find The three dots with the sharing, saving, replaying, reporting, and copying the video/Link features may be found in the app below the video.
  1. Copy the link once you’ve located the three dots. (Only one video may be downloaded at a time)

Once you’ve copied the video link, visit the external websites.

  1. Then paste the link, then you will be able to download the video.
  1. Check downloads for your video.

Guide to downloading Pinterest videos on your laptop

This is the same procedure as downloading the video but it has a few differences.

Here is a guide

  1. In laptops it’s unnecessary to log in to your account to download but logging in will give accurate content to your expectations.

After opening the video click the toolbar or URL bar and copy the link.

  1. After copying the URL link of the video opens another tab for a third-party website for the video downloader.
  1. Paste the link and press download
  1. Now the video is downloaded, find the downloaded video in your downloads file and view it.

So these are ways to download, and save videos on Pinterest. Hope this was helpful.