The benefits of bulk SMS cuts across all industries including the healthcare industry. This form of marketing can be used to improve inpatient outcomes if done correctly.

But there are a few considerations to make first before implementing this strategy. For one, you must obtain consent from the customers and give them the option to opt-out.

Also, it is important to develop policies that govern both internal and external settings covering privacy and compliance, as well as remit and scope.

Moreover, integrate SMS with your other communication channels. This will save you time from switching between platforms while enabling you to enjoy lots of other benefits.

Probably what matters the most is picking the bulk SMS provider who understands your needs and can advise you on compliance as well as any other type of regulation regarding how to maintain security and privacy. This is quite essential in regards to patients’ communication.

Need for Bulk SMS in Your Practice

  • Appointment Reminders

Bulk SMS reminders can help reduce the no-shows by an average of up to 15 percent, for most businesses. Surprisingly, when it comes to matters of health, this figure shoots up to 80 percent.

This makes text messaging a valuable part of the healthcare industry to help most patients know of any upcoming appointments.

  • Emergency Updates

Hospitals and clinics can use bulk SMS to send out emergency updates, quickly, and in real-time. Based on the constantly changing conditions, particularly during this COVID-19 period, physicians need solid communications that get read.

These emergency text services can be adapted for a wide range of eventualities such as disease outbreaks, sudden or increased Covid-19 infections, among others.

  • Promote Health and Awareness Education

Through bulk SMS, healthcare providers can provide insightful information to populations as a preventive solution. Doing so can help generate awareness and enhance the process of taking care of the health of patients in the longterm, while also negating unnecessary patient visits.

It is widely accepted that SMS is a tool for behavior change, particularly with inert and stagnant audiences.

Getting ahead of the patients with medical assistance and such relevant information is a win-win situation for everyone. A more direct and personalized engagement with them will help establish long-term relationships with a greater duty of care.

  • Keeping Patients on Track

Apart from appointments, proactive reminders and alerts can help patients stay on top of prescriptions or follow-up check-ins. Some, particularly adults are busy and quite forgetful sometimes. You can have bulk SMS as part of a larger end-to-end service experience for your patients – straight from their smartphones.

  • Post or Pre-Medical Check-ins

More and more people are utilizing services such as check-ins for personal training or salons to name a few. The healthcare sector can apply the same. They can be more effective as they can help physicians support their clients between appointments.

Patients that are unable, demoralized, or forgetful can benefit from bulk SMS services, especially through automated follow-ups which need not be managed. Increasing patient engagement with the appropriate feedback will benefit your relationships and ensure improved care.

Final Thoughts

While the above steps are effective in improving patient care, there is more that can be implemented and change the way you can help and improve patient outcomes and welfare. We have compiled a detail guide of Bulk SMS on how to boost your business performance

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