Microsoft Office 365 is the gold standard for every office application. The downside of it is that the license of the whole software is highly expensive. This makes it impossible for individuals with a restricted budget to make use of Microsoft Office 365 software for seamless office applications. Almost every microsoft 365 developer is aware that the software can be used for free in certain specific ways.

Online use of Microsoft Office

Microsoft offers a plethora of free Microsoft Office 365 utilities. One can utilize “Office Online”, or “Office on the Web” and seek some of the functions of the software. “Office Online” is the browser-based version of the latest Microsoft Office 365 suits. Presently, it includes the following:

  •   Word
  •   Excel
  •   PowerPoint
  •   OneDrive
  •   Mail
  •   People
  •   OneNote
  •   Calendar
  •   Sway

Though the online version offers only a limited Microsoft Office functionality, it is indeed a versatile, and functional free alternative to the paid license software. One can easily open files, edit, and keep documents saved using the free versions.

Microsoft Office 365 mobile apps

One of the highlighting features of Microsoft Office is that it is available free for Android and iOS users. The mobile version includes restricted, but functional features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others like OneDrive, Mail, Outlook, Calendar, and so on. As per the reports from every single microsoft 365 developer across the world, the functionality of the Microsoft Office 365 mobile app is determined by the size of the screen one is using.

Signing up for Microsoft Office 365 trial

Another smart way of using the Microsoft Office 365 suite for free is to sign up for a free one-month trial for Microsoft Office 365. The free trial gives full access to the latest Microsoft Office without spending a penny. In addition, the user also gets a 1TB OneDrive cloud storage alongside an hour of Skype credits. The user simply needs to provide valid credit, debit, or other account details during the signing-up process. Microsoft will charge the user automatically once the free trial expires. In case, one doesn’t want to continue using the office suit, he/she can cancel anytime.

Buying hardware with bundled Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is hardly available bundled with a new laptop or desktop. Unless there is an introductory deal, people purchase Microsoft Office 365 as an add-on. The reality is such types of deals are not impossible. There are several brands out there that offer a free Microsoft Office 365 license along with a new laptop. This is often introduced to attract new customers to buy the latest laptop or desktop models introduced in the market.


Grabbing the full version of Microsoft Office 365 for free might not be possible for everyone. There are certain options available that allow people to use it. The mobile versions of Microsoft Office 365, or the 30-day trial version are not bad options to utilize the office application suite for free. The methods might have some limitations but offer significantly good functioning. A microsoft 365 developer is aware of several tricks and ways to seek the Microsoft Office 365 suite for free.