Don’t text while driving. It’s dangerous.

But what if we tell you that the risks of texting are not only present in maneuvering vehicles but also in your business operations? There won’t be any serious injuries; however, your company could suffer terrible consequences when left ungoverned for too long. Keep in mind that 97% of smartphone users utilize their devices for texting, and most companies fail to supervise and manage mobile communication for official purposes. 

This article will discuss the risks of poor instant message monitoring and why your company should use text archiving solutions.

Compliance Risk

While text messaging is convenient, intuitive, and available for everyone, its usage is often prohibited or highly regulated by organizations such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If you’re using WhatsApp, you should be familiar with the incident involving a bank that led to numerous lawsuits due to their lack of supervision and unwarranted interaction with clients via the app. Not having a proper archiving solution for your text messages puts your company at tremendous risk of compliance violations.

Legal Risk

In today’s age, text messages and other electronic means of communication can be used for legal events and requested in case of e-discovery or litigation events. Text messages are considered an organization’s Electronically Stored Information (ESI), highlighting its importance. Emails are relatively easier to collect, but texts are a different story. Whether for an employee’s personal use or official purposes or sent through company-issued or personal devices, your company must find a way to collect every data from hundreds of phones to avoid legal consequences.

Reputational Risk

As a business owner, you’re aware that your brand is valuable to maintain your position in the ever-changing business landscape.Companies must supervise and manage employee text conversations to mitigate any risks that could harm their reputation. After all, text messages can be sent to-and-from customers by employees, which may potentially contain ruinous chats. Using an effective text message archiver to keep an eye on what’s being talked about in texts will prevent reputation damage such as negative conversations, sensitive business information leaking, and unethical interactions.

It’s vital that your company starts using text archiving to keep records of text messages exchanged within the organization. LeapXpert can provide you with the best archiving solutions to help you keep track of everything. Visit their website for more information.