Do you wish to make your small local business more visible? Learning how to implement local SEO reseller tips to increase your website’s ranking on Google’s search results pages will help you reach this goal. This will increase foot traffic and revenue by bringing new visitors from your local area to your website.

As a result, while this new strategy will undoubtedly help your company, putting it into practice will require some effort and commitment.

Local SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Take control of your Google Business Profile by claiming it and optimising it

Any business can claim a free Google business profile, a local listing with information about your organisation. When you assert your company profile, the information you offer can display in Google’s web search results and Google Maps.

You can claim your business profile using Google My Business, Google’s free service for managing your Google My Business profile.

Take Advantage of Keywords

Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO since they decide which search keywords you’ll rank for and which sites you’ll compete within those results. If you want your website to be more visible to your target audience, you must choose intelligently. You may use various keyword research tools to find relevant terms to your business, receive a decent number of monthly searches, and are not overrun by competition.

Obtain a Set of High-Quality Backlinks

Links from trusted websites can boost the number of visits to your site while also communicating to Google that it is trustworthy and valuable. Submit visitor posts and pieces to high-authority websites in your field, with a backlink to your company in the text or a footnote, to get these links. Unfortunately, getting other websites to accept your guest posts can be difficult due to the strong demand for backlinks. If you’re having problems with this stage, get help from a business like SEO Resellers New Zealand. Most of these companies incorporate guest blogging as part of their local SEO services because they work with large websites all of the time and know exactly what their editors are looking for.

Concentrate On On-Page Keywords

Once you’ve chosen a solid collection of keywords, you’ll need to spend some time placing them where they’ll be most successful. They should be prominently shown on each webpage, for example:

  • Tags in the title
  • Descriptions of the meta tags
  • Tags for headings
  • When using numerous keywords, attempt to group them in the text to maximise their SEO impact.

Local Landing Pages Should Be Optimised

If you’ve discovered that visitors are looking for specific products or services, you’ll need to design landing pages just for them.

Increase Your Video Marketing Efforts

Since many people use platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram regularly, video marketing has become far more possible than in previous years. Small companies can take advantage of this trend by establishing sponsored video advertising on Google Ads or Facebook to gain local visibility. Also, remember that video marketing is a standard SEO service offered by most digital marketing firms, giving you a simple way to generate the video material you need to advertise your business without funding pricey equipment or software.

Text And Infographics Should Be Combined With Images

In local SEO, the user’s experience is essential, and its frequently bounce rates and session lengths are used as measurements. Infographics (especially those with searchable text) and pictures with added information, on the other hand, can encourage readers to stay on your website for more extended periods. They’re also helpful in attracting viewers who process visual content faster than the written stuff.


The little details matter when it comes to Local SEO. Presenting your business information consistently—especially the physical address—is crucial because Google assesses your legitimacy through such consistency.

We’re local SEO reseller experts at SEO Resellers New Zealand, and we’re more than willing to get you optimised for local traffic. If you require local SEO services for your business, please contact us today!