The KSP Performance Ford F-150 upper control arms could hold the ball joint in its perfect range. In addition, provide extra wheel travel and caster to help align with factory management arms on lifted purposes. Maintaining the control arms is simple because of zerk fittings for easy upkeep.

How do I know if my control arm is failing

This limited guarantee provides you with specific legal rights, so you may also have other rights, which range from state to state. We limit the period and remedies of all implied warranties, including, without limitation, these warranties of merchantability and fitness for a selected purpose, to the duration of this specific restricted warranty. In this case, some states won’t allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts. KSP Off-Road has a wide choice of Extended Travel Upper Control Arms for your 2004 and up Ford F150.

Are control arms worth replacing

The stock ball joint arms can become worn and fail under aggressive offroad use. They additionally have a comparable caster with stock upper arms for superior on-highway service with inflated tires. There are several issues when lifting your car with stock upper control arms.

How many miles do control arms last

The arms come pre-assembled and include detailed directions for easy setup. Improve droop travel, drivability, and tire put-on, as well as adjust tire placement in your wheel properly with SPC’s adjustable front upper management arms. This arm could correct alignment angles while maintaining a high-quality manufacturing unit journey with an upgraded greaseable ball joint and rubber-isolated xAxisTM bushings. SPC’s forged metal design provides the power and sturdiness needed for the most demanding environments. SPC’s cast steel design supplies energy and durability for the most demanding environments.

Can I replace a control arm myself is your source for high-quality upgrades, equipment, and alternative elements for automobiles, vehicles, Jeeps, off-road automobiles, and extras. We aim to provide the quickest possible transport instances and a personalized customer support experience. We are top-rated on eBay and have several years of wonderful online evaluations. Simultaneously, we designed and proposed a stamped/welded front upper management arm as an economical replacement for the present F-150/Expedition/Navigator cast steel FUCA. From what I can tell, you can clear 285’s on inventory wheels with them.

Do you need an alignment after replacing control arms

They use OE-style rubber bushings at the body mount for extended service life and quiet operation. But at the other end, these arms feature an indexed ball joint cup for use with leveling and lifted applications. High-strength ball joints are used with a protective ball combined cap to keep particles out. These higher control arms come assembled and ready to bolt right out of the field. Fabtech’s Ford uni-ball upper control arms present increased strength to the entrance suspension by replacing the stock ball joint higher arms.

After you put in the new arm, utilize new mounting bolts if required by the service handbook. In many cases, you must tighten the fasteners with the vehicle weight on the suspension to ensure the bushings are in a neutral or resting position—a free management arm or a management arm with dried-out, rotted, or free bushings. Meanwhile, the Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions facility has an in-house ball joint manufacturing capability.

Do I need an alignment after replacing upper control arm

These higher arms could work with Fox Coilovers and the Zone 2″ Strut Spacer or 6″ Zone IFS Lift. So you could check for upper ball joint to coil clearance earlier than the installation of the arms. So Suppose the manufacturing unit arm within the balljoint area hits the factory coil so that it will have less than 1/8″ of approval. In that case, the components won’t fix the issue.

And we recommend a different aftermarket strut spacer or alternative Fox Coilover. And the upper management arms allow for 35″ tires. Still, modifications to the wheel and bumper may require proper tire clearance.

What causes control arm damage

SPC’s Upper Control Arms are made of extremely strong materials and significantly improve power and performance over stock Upper Control Arms. The management arms are manufactured out of cast metal, giving them much more structural strength than the factory-stamped metal upper control arms. The ball joint has an adjustable design that allows 2° of each camber and caster adjustment through an eccentric mounting design. The control arms come standard with SPC’s xAxisTM physique mount bushings, which provide a quiet operation in your F150. And it would be best if you disconnected the lower management arm from the lower ball joint and the automobile frame or physique.

How often do control arms need to be replaced

Please allow 1-3 days to substantiate the order with the producer. I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did the first time, and don’t buy Pro Comp. The quality difference between them and the icons is worth each penny. You may contact the producer instantly for data regarding product eligibility and specific phrases and circumstances of guarantee protection. And the products not manufactured by IAG are subject to the product producer’s warranties, which can apply. If you have questions regarding your item’s fitment, appearance, or performance, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our buyer assistance team for assistance.

Ford F-150

Many online shops don’t stock items or promote merchandise they don’t even have. I am still waiting to come across any that say they are Tremor suitable. The SPC sounds like it’s the most likely to fit, and I’m basing this on the descriptions I’ve read for Stage three. Nearly every different one they’ve listed, they particularly state they may work with a manufacturing facility rim. However, the tire will have to be lower than 11″. Also, one thing has changed somewhat from 21 to 22 because a few of the UCAs they have will only work for 21.

TC higher arms add component durability and permit individual parts so that we can replace them with bushings and ball joints. We design these arms to the most stringent specifications using the most recent CAD/CAM engineering software, and we use our FARO laser scan arm to model the OEM parts and frames. We have the tubes CNC laser minimized and bent, then MIG welded in precision fixtures before being sent out to be sandblasted and powder-coated. Our in-house CNC machine store makes all the machined parts with the uni-ball misalignment spacers from heat-treated stainless steel.

How do you test a control arm

If the management arm is broken or bent, tire wear may be uneven, and the car could pull to one side or wander. The management arm is linked on one end to the steering knuckle by a ball and socket and at the other end to the automobile frame or physique. Look at KSP Performance upper control arm now.

Some management arms come with bushings permanently put in them, whereas others require the bushings. It is frequent to switch associated elements-ball joints, tie rod ends, and sway bar hyperlinks when a management arm is changed. A management arm is a suspension component, typically made of heavy gauge steel or aluminum, that connects the steering knuckle in the front — or axle support in the rear — to the car’s frame. It will minimize the transmission of shock and vibration to the vehicle’s physique.

How long does it take to do control arms

A control arm is inclined to wreck if the automobile is in a crash or encounters a large pothole. If you wear out the bushings, the suspension will make a squeaking sound when you go over bumps. And you could hear a knocking sound if worn as the management arm makes metal-to-metal contact with the bushing bracket.

However, the SPC will work on each.

On the frame/body facet, the control arm has a bushing that allows it to pivot. If the car wanders on the road, pulls to a minimum of one part, or the noise from the suspension is loud, you should schedule a restore instantly. Should the problem be limited to low noise levels, corresponding to clunking or squeaking, continued use of the automobile is affordable until you can schedule a repair.

How many hours does it take to change a lower control arm?

In some guarantee situations, producers might need to contact you immediately. We are unable to help with any costs not explicitly covered by the producer’s guarantee policy, including, but not restricted to, transport or labor costs. Please note that you could guarantee claims traced solely to the original purchaser. Specialty Products Company is the world leader in wheel alignment parts’ growth, manufacturing, and sales. The JBA Upper A-Arms for a Ford F150 with a spring raise or leveling equipment works with lifts from 1 to 4 inches.

And the failure to take action securely can lead to severe damage or death. If you damage the control arm on a vehicle in a crash or impact with a pothole or parking block, the suspension will be out of alignment and cause uneven tire wear and poor car handling. If you wear the control arm bushings, the result will be the annoying squeak when the car goes over bumps.


So KSP Performance develops advanced suspension systems for many vehicles’ makes and models. Our products are held to the highest quality standards, setting us apart from the remainder. All producer warranties apply, and we will help you, as the buyer, ensure you get a top-quality product.