At some point, any modern company that wants to keep growing, scaling, and thriving in today’s highly competitive business environment needs to think about foregoing its expensive and ineffective legacy IT infrastructure in favor of a more flexible, robust, and secure cloud-based solution. On top of optimizing costs for businesses, enhancing their data security, and providing increased flexibility to employees, moving to the cloud allows companies to develop a sensible business continuity plan that makes them better positioned to recover from all kinds of technical mishaps that can occur.

Why do companies need an AWS consultant?

When looking for a cloud platform to migrate to, many companies choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its comprehensive offering of DB storage options, content delivery features, processing capacity, and other robust tools that help businesses scale up. However, not every company owner knows how to make the best use of such a wealth of capabilities, and not every business can afford to hire a full-time, in-house technical team to handle the task. For that reason, companies choose to hire skilled and certified AWS consultants like Dedicatted.

An AWS consultant is an Amazon-certified professional services company that provides consulting and technical support services to AWS users. With specialized expertise in various areas of the cloud computing domain, an AWS consultant can help facilitate the process of moving digital assets to a cloud-based environment, onboard customers to the AWS ecosystem, and help them make smart business decisions regarding the technology and tools used.

Top 4 services provided by an AWS consultant

Here are the four most important things an AWS consultant can help with:

  1. AWS cloud migration. With the help of a practiced AWS consultant, companies can speed up the process of migrating data and apps to the cloud, avoid money-costing mistakes, and reduce overall downtime.
  2. AWS cloud management. Once the company has moved its digital assets to the cloud, they need to focus on monitoring, performance optimization, security, maintenance, and cost control. AWS consultants can provide all these and other services ad-hoc or long-term.
  3. AWS security. Creating data apps requires attention to security, privacy, and information. Various AWS Security solutions might be quite a handful for someone who is not an expert on AWS-specific network security, so investing in an AWS consultant is paramount for ensuring the success of such projects.
  4. AWS engineering: getting AWS consultancy can help companies in developing, maintaining, and refining the AWS-based cloud infrastructure of their apps.