Backlinks are the incoming links to your website from other sites. They are crucial because Google prefers high-quality backlinks. Small restaurant owners ignore their link building because it is time-consuming or they may not have skills.

Here are some proper link-building techniques that can help to earn traffic and create visibility on Google searches.

 Get website listed

Getting on business listings like Zomato, Google My Business, and other restaurant directories allows enhancing your restaurant’s online presence. It helps to connect with potential customers looking for a local restaurant.

Showcase food and décor photos

Have professional photos captured of your restaurant’s interior and exterior decorations? Even include food prep pictures because it can captivate several guests influencing them to check your restaurant.

Before adding the photos to your restaurant website ensure they are optimized with relevant keywords. Food bloggers look for impressive food photos and can choose your content as well as mention your restaurant name.

Invite food bloggers

Coverage from food bloggers and local journalists can help to create a buzz. When bloggers visit your restaurant they will possibly link to your website, which can create curiosity among their followers.

Social media

Create video content showing how the tastiest dish on the menu is prepared for sharing on social media. Pin recipes or photos on Pinterest and link them to your restaurant blog. On Insta promote businesses by posting new menu photos. Create a Facebook business page and engage fans.

Guest blogging

Write posts relevant to your business and get them on established guest blogging websites.

Competitor’s analysis

Use backlink checking tools to see from where your competitors are gaining referrals. Make a note of the referral domains and approach them with a request to link to your restaurant.

Ensure to first gain knowledge about Google’s backlink building protocols to avoid getting penalized. Here are some tools that can help to strengthen your backlink portfolio.


You receive detailed information about your website’s SEO. With Linkascope you can monitor  any site’s DA [domain authority] by checking backlink portfolio. Export the long list of backlinks to a CSV file to analyze. Monitor competitor’s backlinks and domain authority.

The tool covers your SEO needs including a comprehensive monitoring solution for website uptime performance and backlinks control. If your website goes offline, you gain instant notification. Regular in-depth backlink monitoring reports, Donor reports, Audit analytic report, and more is helpful to keep your ranking performance on search engines intact.

The tool even keeps check of the shareability and aesthetic of your unpleasant lengthy URL. Long URLs are hard to share on Instagram with photos or Twitter with messages. The tool has a QR generator that simplifies the stress of sharing URLs. is an exclusive URL shortener tool holding potent metric tools to assist in brand awareness.

Rank Signals

The program helps to identify competitors’ best links and enhance your link portfolio. You can detect bad and spammy links. Remove them and maintain a healthy backlink profile.


You can learn why your competitor is ranking high. You gain ideas to outrank competitors. Search competitive keywords and uncover backlink opportunities.