In brief, we can say that converting a video from YouTube to MP3 format comes with a number of benefits. We all pay a lot of attention to the end quality as well as to the actual security of the softwarewe use. You should keep in mind that an online YouTube converter will allow you to extract a soundtrack of a video to a MP3 format with a very high quality. There actually are a large number of websites out therethat can help you when it comes to converting videos easily. You should keep into consideration that YouTube provides an extremely wide range of video contents. We usually use these converters when we want to download a YouTube video on a device,because we usually want to carry our music videos in an MP3 format. This way, we can listen to them exactlywhen we want. Generally speaking, YouTube to MP3 converters allow the user to get a number of benefits like the ones we will discuss throughout the following lines.

Many of us prefer to choose an audio format of a YouTube video to sit down and watch the clip. The video itself doesn’t influence the choice; finding the time to relax and watch the video can actually be hard at times. But it is not limited to this, there are a number of reasons why a person chooses to convert the video to audio format with the help of different software and applications designed for this purpose. However, you may be wondering why anyone would prefer an audio format, right?

Music is, as we all know, a very popular way of entertainment. When it comes to music, we all know that YouTube is one of the most relevant places to find music from a variety of artists and we can enjoy it every day of our lives. But let’s face it: most of music addicts like myself would prefer to listen a simple song in the background with their device rather than stare constantly at the screen.

In a nutshell: music has become a key element of our lifestyle, but it is typically combined with other activities. You can listen to music while running, studying, sleeping, working or driving. This is why downloading the audio file of your favourite videos has proven to be the preferred choice by a large number of users, and they choose to convert YouTube videos to MP3 utilising a wide range of services, apps and tools. But this is not all.

Let’s go through the main benefits of converting YouTube videos into MP3 audio files.

Same level ofsound quality

If you are worrying about the loss of quality of the sound while downloading the audio file, worry no more. In you want to ensure the quality of the sound of your audio file remains the same, you should consider getting a tool such as a YouTube converter. Converter apps make sure that the sound quality won’t be disturbed and won’t lose quality after downloading and converting the file. Make sure you are utilising a trustworthy and quality YouTube converter though. This way you can be sure that you will enjoy quality sound while you go on with your daily life.

Save storage some space

If you stop to think about the size of the video compared to the size of the audio file, the video’s size is much bigger than that of the music clip. Perhaps you would like to keep the fullYouTube video, but you realise that the storage space on your smartphone or device is running low. Thus, downloading and storing your favourite video becomes impossible. And here it comes the solution: you can convert your favourite video to an audio clip and easily store it in your phone. This is possible simply because the audio file requires much less storage space than the actual video.

Better speed when it comes to loading

YouTube videos require a large amount of space, and because of this the load speed is typicallyconsiderably reduced. This has a very important impact when it comes to loading times, as some will take minutes to load. Keep in mind that the bandwidth required by a video clip is actually much larger than that required by an MP3 format file. By converting it, you are improving on the load speed, and therefore making your work easier to load and listen to your favourite clips.

A large content variety on YouTube

YouTube offers an incredibly large amount of content. You can find all sorts of videos such as interviews, lectures, podcasts, learning lessons, audio books, music clips, and other types of videos can be played and stored in a more compact audio file format. Thus, in case you are actuallysearching for a way to listen to an educational clip and continue engaging in your daily activities and routine at once, then converting videos into MP3 format might be the answer for you.

Savingpower on your smartphone or device

As you probably already experienced, keeping your device battery from quicklyrunning out can be a real challenge. We all know that watching videos drains the power of your device much faster that simply listening to audio or music tracks. So again, converting YouTube videos to MP3 avoids a huge waste of energy of your device and can potentially make your battery last much longer.

Never sacrifice your convenience and time

MP3 formatted filesdo actuallyprovide you with much more freedom than video content does in many circumstances. Most importantly, there are certain situations where it is inconvenient or justnot possible to watch your videos. As you can imagine, a number of these situations could be listed here. For instance, many of us find it more convenient to listen to audio tracks or an audiobook when we drive our car, when we go jogging or walk down the street, when we are cooking a meal, when we usesome sort of public transport, when we working, etc.

The factor of portability

Go ahead and think of it: you have a video file and an MP3 formatted file, which one of these can you easily listen to as you go about your daily tasks? Obviously, it is the music track or audio file. By makingyour YouTube video aMP3 file, you are making it portable. You are able to move around listening to the track without endangering anyone, since you don’t have to concentrate on ascreenwhile you walk. You simply can’t do this while watching a YouTube video.

Keep yourself healthy

Perhaps this might sound strange at first, but converting videos into MP3 files indeed can help you to stay healthy. As you might know, most experts agree that watching videos in the darkness can strain your eyes, has the potential to cause headaches and also to damage your eyesight. While, overall, listening to music or audio clips is an innocuous activity and can be a very rewarding form of entertainment.

In brief, there are several reasons why you should be converting a video into an MP3 file.