In 1920, British governor Scott and his wife Catherine visited a tribe in adirabad and forcibly took away Mary, the little girl who was gifted at singing in the tribe. In order to save Mary, the protector of the tribe, BIM (played by the little tiger), disguised as a Muslim. After Scott learned the news, Raju (played by ram Charan TeHA), the bottom guard of the governor’s office, actively petitioned him to arrest Bim in order to get a promotion and fulfill his father’s will and his promise to the tribe. If you are interested, you can watch RRR movie (2022) online free.

Bim and Raju met by chance because they saved a little boy who almost died in the flames. They didn’t know each other, but they also hid their true identity, contacted each other, and became close friends. In an investigation, Raju found that his best friend was BIM, who was to be arrested by the governor. On the one hand, he carried the wishes of his father and the promises of the whole tribe, on the other hand, he was his best friend. How should he choose…..

Introduction to RRR’s Plot

In English times, a small tribal girl was taken away by British governor Scott Baxter and his wife Catherine regardless of their parents’ wishes. Rama Raju is an Indian policeman. He works for the British army and takes the performance of his duties first. He is very cruel to revolutionary Indians, but the British government has never attributed his due honor to him. The British government found that a member of the komaran BIM tribe believed that Marley was his sister, and he had begun to look for her, which might become an obstacle to the British army. The governor and his wife announced a special position. Rama Raju, any official who could bring BEM to them, decided to take over his affairs and promised the government would let him live and die together. Bheem has now arrived at he city to look for malli, and disguised as a mechanic Afzal in the train accident on the lake. He and Rama Raju risked their lives to save a child and become best friends. But these two people will conflict with each other and desire each other’s blood to complete their mission. If you want to watch the full video for free, you can visit 4khotvideo.

RRR movie (2022) Film Review

Special effects are not as good as Hollywood, but they are better in ideas and better in presentation. The choreography of the first part of the story is also excellent. The plot is very smooth, the characters are also very plump, the rhythm is well grasped, and there is a sense of the times. There is not too much sensationalism, every character has played a role, and the details are also in place. The three views of the whole film are also very positive. The stars have sincere feelings. Generally speaking, they can watch it with friends. It is recommended!!!