Xccept aspires to be able to support a wide range of businesses with its free processing services. This is because they understand that each business is unique and has its own set of requirements. Credit card issuers can impose exorbitant processing fees, causing businesses to lose money. Except that Xccept collects those fees and pays them for you.

Xccept has evolved over time to assist even the most specialized sectors. Xccept can help you if you work in the following industries in addition to more traditional enterprises such as retail and restaurants.


As technology advances, the internet has become one of the essential shopping destinations. With the current COVID-19 outbreak forcing everyone to stay at home, etail has grown in popularity. As you may guess, eCommerce firms can only accept credit cards; therefore, employing processing services is a must.

You may be concerned about data breaches because so many individuals will be using their cards. Xccept provides fraud prevention services to ensure that your customer’s information is not stolen. Not only that, but because every transaction involves a credit card, processing fees may quickly add up if you don’t utilize the correct services. Xccept will ensure that your monthly bottom line is significantly greater!

High Risk

Because of the industries or goods it serves, this business strategy is deemed “high risk.” Adult films, CBD, and multilevel marketing are examples of such things. Though still uncommon, these businesses are more prone to failure. As a result, it is critical that they have the greatest technology to assist them in saving money that will keep them afloat in the long run.

Xccept only cares if your company is in better shape than others they assist. They are still willing to act as your go-between when dealing with credit card issuers. You already have a lot on your mind, and unnecessary costs should not be one of them.

Small Enterprises

Only a few people work for a large organization, while many people’s enterprises are more localized. Though many individuals will continue to rely significantly on cash-based transactions, it is critical that small companies take a giant stride into the contemporary era as more consumers prefer to pay with cards. If you only accept cash, you will irritate potential customers and lose money.

Working with Xccept implies not only free processing but also a simple-to-use machine that you can install. Once authorized by Xccept, your device will be mailed to you the following day, and you may contact their staff for assistance if you have any questions about how to use it. You will never have to turn away clients while it reboots since there are no software upgrades!

Who Does Xccept Not Assist?

Despite their desire to be a valuable addition to numerous firms, Xccept will not be a partner in select areas. This is because certain classes are significantly riskier than high-risk firms or are banned. Xccept has high standards as well, and it wants to guarantee that all of its clients are handled fairly and ethically.

Business owners must have a Visa or a legitimate Social Security Number in order to be authorized by Xccept. Businesses must also be based in the United States. Other firms that cannot assist are:

  • Discriminatory Services
  • Bitcoin
  • Forex
  • Marijuana
  • Gambling

Xccept’s services are completely legal in all 50 states. Even though the prospect of free processing sounds like a pipe dream, they assure you that what they offer your company is genuine and without danger to you. If you believe your company fits one of their acceptable models, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their staff right away.

Please don’t allow the fees of working with a credit card provider to prevent your firm from reaching its full potential. Working with Xccept genuinely provides you with a plethora of benefits that will keep you on track.