What are Printed Circuit Boards?

It is hard to imagine modern electronic devices without the printed circuit board. In fact, it is safe to state that the printed circuit board (PCB)is the building block of most modern electronic devices. Now, it does not matter if you are looking at computers, servers, a smart watch or even your electronic garage door opener. None of these devises can work without the printed circuit board. This is because resistors, semiconductors, diodes, capacitors, radio devices and connectors are mounted to communicate with one another through the PCB.

Materials Used to Manufacture PCBs

Printed circuit boards are typically made from non-conductive materials like epoxy resin, cotton paper and aluminum. Other materials used for making printed circuit boards include fiberglass, soldermask and plastic substrates.

Uses of Printed Circuit Boards

It is hard to find an industry that does not use the printed circuit board these days. These boards are vital to the industrial design of many components and this is why they are used in the military, aviation, medical profession, aerospace industry and in the manufacturing industry.

Medical Industry

The specialized field of medical electronics would not be a success story without printed circuit boards. This is because MRI machines and radiation equipment would not even exist without PCBs. In addition, both rigid and flexible PCBs are used to manufacture light medical devices like hearing aids, tiny cameras, implantable devices and pacemakers. In cases where bio-medical engineers are looking to reduce the sizes of certain equipment, the PCBs offer excellent benefits.

Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, both rigid and flexible PCBs are used to manufacture dashboards, panels, flight controls and safety systems. In addition, PCBs are used for drones, satellites, fighter jets and other aircraft that require speed and precision. Again, some hi-tech PCBs help reduce fuel consumption, improve dependability and reduce vibrations.


In the military, PCBs are used for heavy vehicles, robotics, guided weapons and hi-tech military equipment. In cases where you are dealing with equipment that needs to withstand thousands of pounds of shock, top class engineers and designers can help you create the right solutions. None of these things are possible unless you have the right PCBs.

Industrial and Commercial Uses

In the world of manufacturing and big business, you need PCBs to carry out a number of activities. Now, let us assume you are an accomplished manufacturer and you want to include robotics in your assembly line. This move will not see the light without the right printed circuit boards.

If you operate in the transport industry or you are into logistics or road haulage, you want to make your customers happy because happy customers mean more business for you. The smart move is to get the printed circuit board that will give you exactly what you need and your business will grow.

Final Word

When it comes to printed circuit boards, you have many excellent options. You can go for the rigid or the flexible PCB. You can even opt for the custom printed circuit boards. Get the right one and your business will benefit from it immensely.

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