Social networks have many flexible settings. For example, if previously you had to specify your email address or phone number, today it is easy to hide this data. Or even limit access to them and make them inaccessible. Therefore, finding contact with a potential buyer or customer of services or goods through an existing account with a social network is not an easy task. Especially if you try to do it with technologies available to the average user. This will require a thorough analysis of publications, links, various open content that gives information about the user. This search will require a lot of time. And it will have to be spent on one potential user, not for dozens or hundreds of future customers.

A completely different approach is offered by special services, working with social networking algorithms. For example, the service Reply LinkedIn find by email is made in a few clicks. The system has many advantages over manual search:

  • the extension automatically finds potential customers’ email addresses;
  • the search is configured after selecting the necessary criteria;
  • the list of potential recipients of emails includes only those recipients who are focused on receiving the mailing, i.e. we are talking about a targeted audience;
  • the search is performed without using confidential data, only with the help of open sources.

How the search system works

There is no magic in the system. It is just the competent work of algorithms. They are based on comparing a lot of data – the client’s work profile, his official business email. The search is performed using powerful algorithms and processing a large flow of data. Therefore, the finished result is displayed online with no time delay. In the service we are talking about, such a search, after integration with a LinkedIn account, finds the email address associated with the LinkedIn account. That is, we’re talking usually about business accounts that are used for business activities and are also tied to a company’s domain.

The uniqueness of the social network LinkedIn is that the main purpose of communicating here is to work or create a chain of business contacts. That’s why searching through this social network for an email address for a targeted mailing list is the easiest and most effective way to a client’s heart. However, manual methods are often ineffective, especially for working with businesses or developing services, so the help of specialized services and the involvement of search algorithms is necessary.