Working remotely has taken digital identity verification by storm. And the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has normalized the otherwise company perk for employees and staff.

Due to this new work culture, identity verification for remote onboarding has become more significant. So, how exactly do employers know that the people they hire are who they say they are?

Validating digital identities is crucial to determine whether an applicant is their real self. It has become an essential tool in helping firms fight fraud and identity theft in the digital era.When employing remotely, business owners may prevent these cybercrimes by doing the following:

Is the user’s identity document authentic?

Forgery is prevalent, and it can be tough to identify manipulated papers on a computer screen. Document verification software, such as a Jumio alternative, can aid in the verification of an applicant’s documentation.

Use a reliable screening provider

Running a background check on potential workers is a key factor when hiring. That is why identity verification is essential. Employers can use screening servicesthat can identify the names and addresses linked with the candidateto create a more comprehensive background screening report.

Add biometric solutions

To verify the identity of their employees, organizations should integrate biometric authentication solutions. Companies may create a solid identification baseline for employees who cannot attend a physical workplace by enabling recruits to submit photographs of their identity credentials remotely and then match those images to the selfies taken.

By utilizing advanced verification services that incorporate verification technology, businesses may save time and resources. Digital identification also allows them to recruit potential employees with confidence.

Start using digital identity management today!

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