Today, modern consumers respond less to traditional marketing strategies thanks to the emergence of digital marketing strategies that connect customers to a business conveniently online. Targeted audiences can easily find a company on social media platforms, prominent search engines, and even through emails through digital marketing.

Content is essential to digital marketing as it provides value to a website by giving visitors the reason to visit it in the first place. It can be in text, graphics, interactive elements, and a video. Video content is also an integral part of digital marketing campaigns allowing marketers to retain information more effectively than written text.

Video marketing is best used for promoting and informing people about a product or service. It helps increase engagement on a business’s digital and social media channels. Many digital marketers are increasingly using videos to attract, convert, and retain new customers conveniently and efficiently. In truth, many have seen its relevance and the great results it can produce.

Many have also attested how video content has helped them generate an excellent return on investments or ROI. Usually, marketers use such videos by producing multiple of them of varying lengths. There are short videos that last below 10 seconds and long videos that span several minutes. The duration of the video content depends on several factors, such as intent, platform, and target audience.

However, many prefer producing long-form video content as short videos do not cover sufficient information about a product or a service. Marketers must consider that consumers count on brands that can release longer videos with captivating storylines. In line with this, businesses consider hiring the best SEO services in the Philippines to help them create engaging and informative video content.

A reputable company offering SEO services Philippines can help companies produce high-quality content that can attract new customers and retain old ones.

Read this infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines to learn more about long-form video content.